Background Story

I like to experiment in an isolated environment. Sometimes I build full fledged apps, sometimes I just wanna test out a lib / feature. Either way, I need to setup a project, install some toolings, basic dependencies, etc and bla bla bla the list goes on. It's time wasting and redundant. I just want to be able to setup a basic app with enough toolings being setup whether to just testing out some stuffs or building an app.

So I finally assess my previous projects, take out some similar configurations betweeen those apps, and put it into a blank project. Tada! I just made a starter template. As time goes by, I also setup some basic responsive layouts, sample components, and other basic configurations. Turns out it makes me a whole lot more productive especially when initializing a new project. I just have to make / clone a new project from these template and start developing right away. The best part? I open sourced it. Not to enjoy it for myself, but also helping other developers out there to also become more productive through the templates I shared.

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